Kraan System
Reavers' Deep 1828

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary A7 III
2 Close
F5 V
4 YS00000-0
5 Y000000-0
6 Y500000-0
7 Small Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
9 Y200000-0
40 Y433136-7
8 Small Gas Giant
2 YR00000-0
55 Y453000-0
9 Small Gas Giant
9 Y200000-0
6 Y600000-0
35 Y730000-0
10.5 Kraan C501456-8 Ni Va Ic
16 Far
K0 V

Allegiance: Non-aligned


Kraan is rich in heavy metals and radioactives, and thus a colony was formed where nobody in their right minds would start one. Dakaar Corporation bought out four smaller companies that held leases to assorted sites here and Dakaar Minerals Division has geared up for extensive changes to the plant's traditional organisation and operation.

Part of the ongoing friction here has been teh scientific research station at the edge of the Shadowland Mountains. This station was built in 1104 to study an intact base constructed by the Iltharan Empire. It has been described as "a treasurehouse of Reaver-era technology and knowledge". However, the site is right on top of a deep vein of high-grade lanthanum ore, and the lease to the site is owned by Dakaar Corporation. Since 1111, the Corporation has tried every legal and several illegal means of displacing the scientists, but as yet haven't driven them off.

Piracy is not unknown here, due to the close proximity (2 parsecs) of the Freeport at Drellisaar. A favorite tactic of raiders is of course to lurk in the upper regions of a gas giant's atmosphere and attack refueling starships.

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