Drexilthar System
Reavers' Deep 1826

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary G4 V
0 YS00000-0
1 YS00000-0
40 YS00000-0
55 YS00000-0
2 Y000000-0
3 Drexilthar B46969D-7 Ni Ri
3.6 Small Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
4 YS00000-0
8 Y100000-0
45 F220234-9 S
5 Small Gas Giant
40 YS00000-0
6.2 Large Gas Giant
5 Y310000-0
8 Y100000-0
9 Y600000-0
10 Y300000-0
11 Y500000-0
20 Y200000-0
45 Y400000-0
7.2 Small Gas Giant
3 YR00000-0
6 YS00000-0
35 Y300000-0

Allegiance: Non-aligned
Travel Code: Amber
Base Codes:
S - Scout Base

Drexilthar is nown mainly as the home of the Ilthara, a Human minor race. The Ilthara carved out a petty Reaver empire in the Deep during the last portion of the Long Night. They are highly agressive, largly due to the scarcity of good useable land on Drexilthar's surface. There was a long tradition of warfare as several racial groups grew up independentlyon the three small continents on Drexilthar. The name of the planet itself is merely that used by the dominant culture of the planet. During its ascention, the Tring and Akakhad races were absorbed into the Iltharan Empire, but never completely lost their cultural identity.

The Ilthara's explosion into space is the result of a visit by Reaver warlord Grand Admiral Izanak, who came here for repairs after a defeat that set him back. The Ilthara were close enough to fusion and gravitic technologies to rebuild the needed parts under Izanak's guns. He didn't realise they were fully capable of getting Jump technology in the process. Twenty years later, the Ilthara were in space. Thirty years after that, they had a minor empire.

However, conquering an empire does not necessarily imply the capability of holding an empire. Duncinae, in the Ea Subsector, revolted, with help from the infant Principality of Caledon and the returning Third Imperium. The breakup continued quickly, and the end of the Iltharan Empire is dated during 268, the year when the White Fleet of the Third Imperium pacified Drexilthar by orbital bombardment.

The technological recovery of Drexilthar has been hampered by two things: the inate iability to get along with their planetbound neighbors and a 'gentleman's agreement' by the Assembly, the Confederation, the Principality, and the Federation of Daibei to restrict technology imports. The current culture is still extremely militaristic, Spartan-like in outlook, and totally contemptuous of 'offworlders', seeing them as weaklings who keep the Iltharan culture from its 'rightful place' in interstellar society, For these reasons, the system has been classified an Amber Zone. The Scout base is administered by the Federation of Daibei since the discintegration of the Third Imperium.

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