Dakaar System
Reavers' Deep 1821

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary K0 V
Close Companion DM4
2 Dakaar B425612-B S Ni
3 Y200168-A Mi
4 Large Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
15 Y200000-0
45 Y310000-0
55 Y400000-0
5 G510265-A
15 Y200000-0
6.3 Small Gas Giant
9 Y400000-0
25 Y100000-0

Allegiance: Non-aligned

Base Codes:
S - Scout Base


The Dakaar system is home to one of the more (in)famous corporations operating in Reavers' Deep -- the Dakaar Corporation. in the mid 800's, Dakaar Corporation was founded here to take advantage of a large lanthanum strike here by independent miners. The vein was one of the richest ever discovered, and the profits financed what eventually grew to be a sector-wide conglomerate.

Dakaar is owned part and parcel by the Corporation. Several divisions have spun off the parent corporation. Dakaar Minerals runs the planetary lanthanum mines and searches out exploitable mineral resources throughout the Deep. Dakaar Trading operates a fleet of ships doing speculative trade, Dakaar Brokers matches up buyers and sellers throughout the Deep, on just about every non-Imperial and non-Carrillian system with at least a C starport. The unofficial motto of the company seems to be, "if we don't get caught, it's worth a try!"

Dakaar is rumoured to be heavily involved in activities ranging from a strong presense on Drellesaar, the main 'freeport' in the Deep, to helping the Ildrisaar rebels in their bid to win independence from the Assembly. Needless to say, these activities haven't made them many lifelong friends...

The 'scout base' noted here is a Corproate-owned entity not having ties to any other Scout service in the Deep.

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