Carter System
Reavers' Deep 1740

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Karmit M0VI
0 Langdon Large GG
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
5 Sears Y-101000-0
8 Carter A-7589A8-B M Hi
10 Winton Y-333000-0
15 Churchill Y-646000-0
40 Stalin Y-300000-0
60 Huntington Y-633000-0
8.6 Flossie M5VI

Carter is the capital of the Carter Technum, previously a 'soft' Solomani client state straddling the Reavers' Deep and Dark Nebula sectors. Having invested heavily in technology, the Technum was relatively undamaged by the pullout of the Confederation in 1119. A system with one of the highest levels of technology in the Deep, Carter is a favored port for new ship purchases, however, the Carters only sell non-military ships to outlanders.

In 1124 they got into a short war with the Soloman System, a former Imperial client state, over trade concessions with Himalaya. The Carter's solutiion was to subject the Solomans to a nuclear bombardment that destroyed their starport and killed almost 400,000,000 in the bombardment and almost as many in the aftermath, further enhancing the Carters' reputation as ruthless fighters. So far, though, the opinion of many starfarers and starfaring nations is, the Solomans had it coming to them.

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