Gralyn System
Reavers' Deep 1735

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
- Levin M0 V
0 Gralyn B758899-A M
40 Askoapoy B488708-A Fa Re
1 Levin Beta YS00000-0
9 Dimoro K5 VI

Dimoro System:
Name UWP Bases Trade Code
0 Coonabarabran G00076B-9
1 Pearl SGG
3 Bowser H838000-0
4 Hastings Y769000-0
8 Harold Y650000-0
55 William Y510000-0

The Gralyn system presently holds 3 inhabited worlds, Gralyn, Askoapoy and the Coonabarabran belt. Bowser is listed as having a spaceport, actually the remains of an old Reaver base now run down after a thousand years of neglect. Gralyn and Askoapoy form the twin hubs of the Assemblage.

Askoapoy is inhabited mostly by Droyne, one of the few worlds they inhabit in the Deep. These Droyne are loyal Gralynites, as are the Aslans who live on Gralyn itself.

Since Chin's Raid in 1124, several shiploads of Carrillian refugees have arrived insystem. Currently, several thousand refugees are on Gralyn, but plans are being made to relocate them to Hastings and Bowser. The Carrillians have brought many technical specifications for higher technology than is present in the Assemblage, and it is expected that the Assemblage's shipyards will be retooled for high tech interstellar ships within the decade. A Class A starport is in the works, as well as several orbital habitats. The Carrillian refugees are aculturalising well, many of them remarking that Gralyn seems 'freer' than the Carrillian Assembly was.

Gralyn is ruled by the Steering Committee, 9 beings responsible for determining policy of the Assemblage as a whole. They and their aides allocate funding for various projects deemed in the best interest of the Assemblage.

Of interest, several 'Effems', missionaries of the Church of the Future Man, have arrived in the Assemblage over the last couple years. Their efforts seem to be bearing out, winning many converts. The Steering Committee doesn't oppress them, as their religious philosophy doesn't seem to contradict local laws and customs.

Currently, Gralyn and Askoapoy are undergoing a depression that started about 1121 as a result of the Rebellion in the Third Imperium. Inflation has exceeded 10%. The Steering Committee is researching ways to get this back under control. They also are looking into ways to stimulate the economy to end the depression. It is hoped that the technology transfers from the Carrillians will help out in this.

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