Botany Bay System
Reavers' Deep 1733

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Carmondy F5 V
0 Firefly Y-410000-0
5 Firefly A Y-S00000-0
8 Firefly B Y-S00000-0
30 Firefly C Y-S00000-0
1 Resolution Belt Y-000103-6 As Lo Ni
2 La Perouse H-750000-0 Re
3 Forth Y-400000-0
4 Yuan Y-200000-0
5 Botany Bay E-643569-4 Ni Po
12 Cook H-112000-0

Although frequently visited as a refuelling point, the Botany Bay system was not colonised until well into the era of the Third Imperium. During the Aslan Border wars it served as an impromptu supply base and refuelling station for the Imperials - there was never any permanent settlement, just a succession of temporary bases over a period of 200 years. No base was in place for more than 10 years before it was moved, demolished or destroyed and for much of the time there was no habitation at all. After the Peace of Ftahlar and under the terms of that treaty, the base was finally removed. The system remained uninhabited for over a century.

In 492 a Solomani megacorporation called Aphelion Enterprises established a research base on Botany Bay. Aphelion Enterprises was based on Terra, but operated largely in the Spinward areas of what was the Solomani confederation - in particular Magyar Sector. Aphelion Enterprises had interests ranging from genetic engineering to transportation to mining. It was the mining subdivision which initiated the activity on Botany Bay - a recent survey had inidicated that there might be significant, commercial-grade quantities of lanthanum on Botany Bay. Further investigation revealed that this was the case, and so a small mining operation was established. The mine proved to be a flop, however, as the lanthanum quickly ran out, long before the initial set-up costs had been covered. Aphelion Enterprises continued to run the mine at a loss for tax purposes, but cut the staff back to a bare minimum.

This was the situation until 588 when Terra finally joined the Thrid Imperium, bringing with it large tracts of Magyar sector. Aphelion Enterprises found much of its activities falling under Imperial law, and in particular the Imperial regulations on genetic experimentation - especially with sophonts - were considered far too restrictive by the corporation's executive. The solution was to find a world which was outside the Imperium and likely to be for some considerable time. Botany Bay was settled on, and became a major research establishment.

Aphelion Enterprises flourished during the next couple of hundered years, even through the turmoil of the Imperial Civil War, largely through it's transport division acting as a large-scale interface line between the Imperium and the surrounding worlds in the Solomani sphere. The gradual expansion of the Imperium and the declaration of the Solomani Autonomous Region in 704 caused somewhat of a loss in profitability of the interface trade, and a corresponding slide in the fortunes of Aphelion. Aphelion started to move its trade coreward to cover the Starlane and Daibei, but deterioration of relations between the fledgeling Solomani Confederation and the Imperium, leading to the outbreak of the Solomani Rim war in 988 were too much. Aphelion Enterprises found its markets destroyed by the conflict and soon after was declared bankrupt, despite a massive sale of assets.

Most of the management of Botany Bay were recalled to Terra with the bankruptcy, along with some of the more senior scientists. The remaining inhabitants were effectively stranded, but for most Botany Bay was their home. When it became obvious that the remaining management were not sympathetic to the concerns of the people, there was a quiet coup by a coallition of workers and younger scientists. That was not the end of the difficulties, however. The coup effectively ended what little help the world was recieving from Aphelion, effectively disrupting the supply of most manufactured items. The level of technology swiftly fell as more and more effort was required to keep the mines operating and the people fed. After a few years, it was apparent that Botany Bay was not viable at a tech level that it's inhabitants would have liked. Without outside assistance it was clear that Botany Bay would soon callapse to a pre-industrial culture.

The government of Botany Bay appealed to Gralyn, which was their major customer for ore, for help. At first the Gralynites were loath to do so, for fear of antagonising either the Imperials or the Solomani. Eventually the similarities between the early history of Gralyn and the events unfolding on Botany Bay were enough to convince the bureaucrats of Gralyn that supporting Botany Bay would save much misery. The eventual system agreed upon was that Botany Bay would become part of the Gralyn Assemblage, with seats on the Assemblage, but with its government effectively run by the Assemblage as a whole. With the assistance of Gralyn, the slide of Botany Bay into barbarism was halted.

Botany Bay prospered under the guidance of the Gralyn Assemblage and swelled from a population of several thousand at independence to around 200,000 just before the start of the Final War.

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