Khtearle System
Reavers' Deep 1733

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Ousreilaira K0VI
0.4 Erlhoilri Small GG
1 Khtearle C-595778-5
3 Erlhwesye Y-460102-4
6 Eauaai Y-200000-0
8 Yaheakhea Y-S00000-0
10 Ahtouwaw Y-310000-0
45 Eeaawai Y-S00000-0
0.9 Aewaea Small GG
8 Aolryeea F-110760-4 Co
9 Aheah Y-S20223-4
10 Ea Tye G-464661-4 Co
12 Yarlaoto G-445333-4
3.0 Aiheaa B2V
4.7 Aaoh Small GG
1 Ring Y-R00000-0
5.9 Oahtoiifeau Large GG
2 Ring Y-R00000-0
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
5 Iyuaurlfer Y-310000-0
6 Yohiysatyo G-601463-4
7 Yeouayata Y-S10000-0
8 Yostyoei F-400362-4
10 Ouealral Y-708000-0
20 Auhtuistow Y-300010-4
25 Ahraiiei Y-711003-4
40 Eltil H-300130-4
45 Yawou G-120323-4
55 Iiyahleah Y-102230-4
7.1 Ieioi Ei Y-000211-4

Agricultural world split into a number of nations including a Gralynite colony and several Aslan clan holdings. Suffered a slight decline due to the recession, but seemed to be coping.

The most advanced nation-state on Khtearle, Sainte Foy, is part of the Gralyn Assemblage, although ruled locally by its hereditary nobility. Close ties to Gralyn help prop up its current technological base, with more technology transfers due soon. It is hoped that Sainte Foy's incoming technology upgrades will allow it to further exploit the system and give it the economic muscle needed to establish a single planetary government on Khtearle, under its reign.

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