Traneer System
Reavers' Deep 1727

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary G5 V
0 Y200000-0
7 YS00000-0
10 YS00000-0
1 YS00000-0
3 YS00000-0
5 YS00000-0
55 YS00000-0
2 Y300000-0
3 Traneer E576679-7 Ni
11 YS00000-0
4 Small Gas Giant
9 Y300000-0
45 Y200000-0
5 Large Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
4 YS00000-0
7 Y300000-0
11 Y410000-0
25 Y200000-0
35 Y200000-0
45 Y300000-0
6 Large Gas Giant
4 Y330000-0
6 Y430000-0
8 Y300000-0
9 Y100000-0
12 Y300000-0
40 Y100000-0
50 Y710000-0
55 Y740000-0
7 Y645000-0
8 YS00000-0
35 YS00000-0
9 Y610000-0
15 Y300000-0
40 Y230000-0
10 Y000000-0

Allegiance: Confederation of Duncinae


Traneer was first settled by the Drexiltharan Empire during the Long Night by Tring and Akakhad refugees. With the fall of the Empire, the various factions devolved into warfare, and the planetary government dissolved. During the last 150 years, the various nation-states have rebuilt some of their technolgoies, but Traneer is still a backwater.

Although not posted Amber Zone, Traneer has a reputation as being inhospitable to offworlders. Relief efforts by the Confederacy of Duncinae haven't seemed to help any, as every nation-state tends to refuse aid unless their enemies are denied aid. All in all, this is one star system with serious problems and no solutions in sight.

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