Coventry System
Reavers' Deep 1723

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Wellington F8 V
0 Corbin Y300000-0
1 Vincent Y410000-0
2 Churchill YS00000-0
3 Coventry X565733-2 Ag
6 Parker Y3004M3-9 N
4.1 Norbert Y200000-0
5 Welkes Y740000-0
6 William Large Gas Giant
3 Y510000-0
5 Y300000-0
7 Y220000-0
9 Y740000-0
25 Y100000-0
35 Y410000-0
40 Y200000-0
55 Y400000-0
7.3 Small Gas Giant
7 YS00000-0
11 Y200000-0
60 YS00000-0
8 Large Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
6 Y200000-0
7 Y100000-0
8 Y536000-0
25 Y224000-0
225 Y68A000-0

Allegiance: Confederacy of Duncinae (Imperial Client)
Travel Code: Red

Base Codes:
N - Naval Base


Coventry has been an exile colony of the Confederacy of Duncinae for over 350 years. Security has been enhanced since 1110 and the arrival of Admiral Sir Thomas Birnham, leader of an attempted rebellion in 1108 which nearly placed him as President of the Confederacy.

Confederation Naval units onstation are screened for political reliability, as it is rumoured that several escape plots are still fermenting inside the Confederacy. Conditions on the colony itself are unknown, however, the plight of the exiles is eased somewhat by comfort dropshipments from the Confederacy.

Starships visiting the system are warned to refuel at one of the gas giants and depart. Ships approaching Coventry itself will be fired upon.

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