Lajanjigal System
Reavers' Deep 1721

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Jugjanlej F8 V
0 Y200000-0
1 Y200000-0
2 Y200000-0
3 Y657000-0
4.5 Small Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
9 Y333000-0
11 Y426000-0
5 Lajanjigal DAB6583-3 Ni
6 Large Gas Giant
9 Y650115-2
10 Y300000-0
35 Y100000-0
55 Y100000-0
7 Small Gas Giant
10 Y200000-0
8 Small Gas Giant
2 YR00000-0
5 YR00000-0
6 Y300000-0
60 Y100000-0
9 Large Gas Giant
5 Y510000-0
8 Y722000-0
10 YS00000-0
20 Y430000-0
25 Y400000-0
35 Y500000-0
55 Y520000-0
Allegiance: Unaligned


Lajanjigal has an extremely hostile environment to humans. The chlorine that would kill an unprotected human give life to a diverse ecology, including a minor race, the Lanjguljlgee, a tripedal race not easy to describe to humans. The very dangerous and murky conditions tend to obscure visual senses not adapted to Lajanjigal. However, the natives have no such problems. The natives are intelligent and clever, but not technologically advanced.

Acting on a tip 45 years ago, Dakaar Metals discovered that Lajanjigal is a veritable treasure trove for radioactives and rare metals and thus operates mining claims on the planet. These claims are worked by natives. The Dakaar starport is actually an orbital station under fairly tight security. A platoon of mercenaries trained in hostile environments is on station, giving rise to claims that Dakaar has virtually enslaved the natives. However, since Lajanjigal is not a member of any interstellar state, and Dakaar Metals practically controls all access, these claims have yet to be investigated.

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