Kamloops System
Reavers' Deep Subsector 1531

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Carlo Omicron G5V
1 Charlo Y-240000-0
2 Nanaimo Y-630000-0
3 Kamloops D-24247A-5
4 Asteroids Y-000000-0
9 Carlo Omicron B M3D

Kamloops was settled by ethnic Solomani from Carillian Assembly during the early 900s. The Kamloops Company was set up as a colonial cooperative effort, mostly centered around a mining cooperative and rockguana product exports: fresh meat, leather items, and blu-wool skins.

Rockguanas were a genera of local lizard-like animals, who were hunted and the carcases rendered for products. One species of mountain- dwelling Rockguana had developed the fine scales into small furry feathers for warmth in a mottled blue pattern to match the rocks of the environment. These blu-wools were particularly sought after, and hunted nearly to extinction. When easy hunting ended, blu-wool skin prices rose to close most of the market. Around 940, a few families began running a blu-wool preserve.

The colony was designed to be mostly self sufficient, so it included various light manufactories and enough farmland for most local food production. It also included a filter factory that built the personal and building air conditioning filters to keep the suspended particulate that earned the tainted atmosphere rating from harming the population.

Kamloops was never a successful place. After an initial flurry of profit from blu-wool and 'guana leather clothing fad in the Carillian Assembly and the Principality of Caledon, the Kamloops Company declared bankruptcy in 948.

Some divisions of the company survived independently. Enough farmland was kept in production by squatters to feed the population. Many settlers stayed on planet because they could not amass enough funds to pay the fare elsewhere. Those industries that survived formed vertical market blocs, which formed cooperatives that began to support themselves. Industries and settlers alike settled back into a lifestyle supportable locally, since the majority of offworld support dried up.

Planetary government fell into the hands of a council of industrial leaders, who divided along lines mostly by industry and bickered enough to earn Kamloops a "balkanized" government rating. Trade with Collins World (in food and metals) provided enough cash for needed capital purchases from off-planet. Visitors were few and far between.

While nominally still a colony of the Carrillian Assembly, Kamloops was de facto non-aligned - the Assembly was not willing to send as much as a Scoutship to garrison the planet. There was not enough value in the place to balance the threat to Marlheim or Duncinae - nor were either of these states interested in arousing Carrillian anger by seizing it.

On Kamloops, most of the available high-tech sustains the personal filter industry, run as a government monopoly. The filters are built in a computer-managed TL8 facility from local materials. The factory hangs on by a wing and a prayer and the support of a handful of trained technicians from off-planet.

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