Uta System
Reavers' Deep 0102

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Salaama G1V
0 Kringle Small GG
1 Inner Ring
2 Outer Ring
8 Mite Y100000-0
9 Wollach Y200120-0
50 Mellech Y200161-0
60 Winger G670231-0
1.5 Chemly Large GG
1 Ring
6 Limpet F700340-0
7 Egwan Y100021-0
8 Flandra G450560-0 Co
9 Melchor Y300100-0
2.2 Kaybar Y420000-0
2.6 Uta E243000-0
4 Mosley Y556331-0
50 Fingers F320210-0
3.9 Lamkin Y87A503-0
8.0 Kourey M1VI
0.4 Pitstop YS00660-0 Co
1.4 Lurker YS00000-0

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