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Updated 19 December 2001 .

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Desktop Dollars / CashSurfers / Spedia / ClickDough

RECOMMENDED: Cashsurfers and Desktop Dollars


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1. Desktop Dollars ( referrer ID = heartfang ) Back to the top


Standard adbar that you put on the screen. Unlimited time, and you don't have to be surfing to use it. However ,every 15-20 mintues you are logged off the system until you click a button.

You have two options, one is to have them send you a check each month and the second one is to have them send you a debit card that they will credit each month. They pay you when you reach $30 for US users, and $60 for international users.

They have a new version adbar. Crashes less often. Thank goodness.

2. Cashsurfers   ( referrer ID = heartfang ) Back to the top


You collect Ad Points and you get paid for running a IE based bar on the screen, but you can use any browser you like .You get 10 points for every ad displayed .You also keep getting credit even if you're doing things other than browsing.

They'll cut you a check every month that your earnings exceed $20 for US users and $40 for international users. Their hours used to be unlimited but now, you have a maximum time limit of 4 hours per day.

Well, everything in Cashsurfers is basically okay. Their new bar also crashes less.

3. Spedia ( referrer ID = 1001055 ) Back to the top

They have games, tons of other sign-up programs, besides their ad-bar. A giant site. They pay adpoints, 60 ad points per hour. However, they have no time limits!!

With Spedia you generally won't earn the 60 adpoints per hour. Most hours I end up with around 40 points. The key is that the 60 per hour is based on visiting a new URL every 60 seconds. A little tiresome, this. However, you have no maximum time limits.

You can get points for signing up for different programs through them as well. Another nice feature is that they have a very good balance reporting screen, so you know where you stand....They also have some little games you can play to earn ad points (like Solitaire). Try the Safari game, it is a pretty easy way to pick up a couple of points.

4. ClickDough ( referrer ID = heartfang ) Back to the top

They require you to display this small window .You don't even need to display it all the time. It will pop up when prompted. However the payout rate isn't much, around $0.01 to $0.20 at the moment. Your payout rate increases if you are a premium partner.

During the starting of November, ClickDough was to be changed their name to Moveabout. This is due to a partnership with About.Com.

Somewhere in Dec, they put a notice that they would shut down temporarily till the 15th of January. Now it is past that and they say that they are going to change their name back to ClickDough and be back online on the end of January.

In February, they changed their name back to ClickDough. Looks like they dissolved their partnership with About.Com.

They said they would sue About for not paying their members during that period.
Read their Founder's Letter for more info.

In my opinion, at least for now, these are the companies to go with. I usually pick one ad bar (Desktop Dollars , Cashsurfers or Spedia) together with ClickDough when I am surfing the Internet .

LAST NOTE : I have worked hard on this page. Please use the links on this page.

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Officially up on the 20 November 2000.

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