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make money while surfing or chatting irc. earn cash money online

Updated 19 December 2001 . 

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Y ou can make thousands of dollars a month too!

E verything you do online can earn you some extra money and cash every month.  Whether you're surfing, emailing, playing online games, chatting with your friends on irc or icq, downloading mp3's, etc..., you're going to be paid while doing all those stuff that you do on the Net.

L ooking for the right get paid company to join? You're in the right place! We list only companies that are going to (actually!) pay you money and companies that have already sent out checks.  All companies listed here are going to make you real bucks. We give you honest comments - no hype!

I bring you reviews of the best get paid to surf programs that are available on the Net. To keep up with the latest make money programs, you can bookmark this website. (Just press "Control, D") or Please me if you have a suggestion.


With the Internet bubble bursting, more and more dotcom companies are going bust.
So are get paid to surf companies.
A very good example of this would be All Advantage, which was labelled "the mother of all get paid companies".

I would advice Internet users to beware of most get paid to surf companies.
However, I do not mean for you to totally abandon this.
What I mean is that you choose a ONE get paid to surf company and stick with it.

Here are some reviews some of the better get paid to surf companies.


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make money while surfing or chatting irc. earn cash money online

How often do you surf the Net?

  • Every month ? Everyday ? Every hour ? Every minute ?
  • Do you chat all the time on the ICQ or IRC ?
  • Do you play games like Counterstrike or Halflife on the Internet?
  • Are you an avid sports fan who spends a few hours each week catching up on the local scores? 
  • Are you always finding the latest stock market quotes?
  • Are you a "stay at home" mom using your computer to find that great new recipe?
  • Are you an online shopper who spends time on Amazon.com or eBay looking for the latest bargains and hard to find items?
  • Maybe you go MUDding ?
  • Do you spend time online helping your kids with a research paper?
  • Would you like to earn money by get paid programs online?


T here are people making thousands of dollars with pay to surf programs !!
While you are surfing, you could get paid for your surfing the net .

W hether you are from Malaysia (like me) , US , or any international user ( not US ), you can and SHOULD make money or earn cash while surfing !

Y ou can join as many programs as you want to earn more cash!

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