Hang Out In My Tree!! Hopefully you dont mind bad grammer and a few ya'lls here and there. :) other than that, please enjoy your stay here at lizard suites..
                Art Gallery                
this is the newest addition to the site. i will be scanning and posting all the sketches and artwork i do. :) enjoy....

J - Doodle
learn how do make your own j-doodle...t
hat is if you know what one is...:)

                     my insides                   
a page where i keep all the stuff about me.
i have my online journal there.
WARNING: journal is massively out of date


pictures of me, and my friends and random happenings that i document with my mom's camera...one day i'll get my OWN digital camera, but until then i use her's.

my pets
here you can meet my puppy dog Waldo!!

neat links
it's pretty self-explanitory. a page with links that i have personaly checked out and consider cool.
surf's up!!
my insides!!
my artwork!!
my pictures!!
advice by me!!
my pets!!
neat links!!
chs drumline!!
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this site has won awards!!
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Disclaimer: all artwork unless otherwise mentioned was made by me...photographs included, so please don't steal. (not that they're THAT great) but give credit where it's due. Thank you.
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