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Borderline Personality Disorder Today Chat

This new chatroom is located directly on the Borderline Personality Disorder Today Bulletin Board. You will see "Join Live Chat" above on the bulletin board. Also listed are the number of people chatting.

This is NOT mIRC chat and no commands are necessary unless you want to ignore someone in chat and chatroom instructions are located here.

You must read the Chat Rules below before joining the Chat.

***To assist in helping to find each other, try Sundays - 3:00 PM  -4:00 PM EST and Thursdays - 9:30 PM  - 11:00 EST

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This chat room is for RECOVERY purposes. If you're feeling suicidal, the need to self injure, or experiencing extreme crisis, this room is not for you. You need to be on the phone calling 911 or your local suicide or crisis hotline. If you're not comfortable with that than you can use our hotline page for people to talk with. This room is not equipped to handle these crises. Discussing suicide is extremely upsetting to everyone in the room.  If you come in and discuss these topics in the room or in private, you will be given suicidal resources and be invited back when you are not in crisis. If you come back and continue, you will be kicked and banned.

Adults Only

*This chat room engages in mature discussions which may not always be suitable for minors. (People under the age of 16).  Borderline Personality Disorder involves many aspects of our lives which are all discussed in this chat room.  We make no exception for this.

Borderline Personality Disorder Today Chatroom Rules

1. No swear words allowed in the chatroom. Many people are offended by the use of swear words. Under the right environment curse words can be therapeutic, however therapy does not take place in this chat room which brings us to #2.

2. No therapy is allowed in the room. Even if you come in as a trained professional, we do not allow therapy in this chatroom. It is however appropriate to offer one another emotional support, a listening ear, a good sense of humor and though no one is allowed to offer advice, is good to share experiences.

3. No medical advice is allowed either in this room. You can, as I mentioned share your own experiences AND it is perfectly alright and very helpful to quote the research on a particular subject ONLY if you are sure of your knowledge of this research. Of course it would be extremely helpful to let them room know where they can find this information. We can quote articles, something we read on the Internet, etc., as long as we can say where we got this information. This avoids rumors spreading and untruths being believed. 

I encourage everyone to educate one another. Just know your source. You cannot just say "I heard…" 

4. No arguing or flaming with other chat members or moderators whatsoever. Everyone must be treated with the utmost respect. Ops are to treat you the same way. No one is exempt. This is a good place to practice these skills. 

5. Many times you will be warned that you could be kicked or banned. However this is not always the case. There are times where people will receive absolutely no warning. What determines the difference is the type of behavior involved and the call of that particular op or ops. 

I have noted behaviors disrespectful and so upsetting to the room that it was in everyone's best interest to remove the instigator quickly.

6. Here at BPD Today, we do not become involved with power plays. Our moderators do not play those games. If you are coming in the room to just look for trouble chances are you will quickly be kicked without emotion on the ops part.

7. Sexual discussions and innuendos I believe take place in most any chat room. As long as this is very very mild, it can be tolerated not to offend even one person.

However open flirtation in the main room is not tolerated. This is not a single's club.

8. You may discuss self injury ONLY if it is in terms of recovery and you must ask the permission of the room. If the room objects you need to ask permission form someone in the room to private message them. 

Moderators are not trained to deal with self injury. You are responsible to get help for yourself. I encourage you to call 911 if needed or your Dr. or therapist, or your local hotline. We also have our hotline here.

Anyone who is at risk for Self Injury should call 911 or their local crisis intervention group. This is not the group for them as the person needs a trained specialist.  Some methods of dealing with this behavior can be found here. There is inpatient facility expressly for those who self injure which can be reached at 1-800-DONT-CUT The ops in the chat room have been flooded with people coming in saying they are harming themselves. You are responsible for your own actions and to seek treatment. The moderators are not trained to deal with this behavior.

9. Anyone who is at risk for suicide should call 911 or their local crisis intervention group. This is not the group for them as the person needs a trained specialist.  The ops in the chat room have been flooded with suicidal people coming in. They are NOT trained to deal with this. When this happens, no time can be spent with others in the chat room and this discussion is upsetting for everyone. People who are feeling suicidal will be referred to these resources, where they can receive the proper guidance and assistance. They do not belong in the chat room as it is not a safe place for suicidal people and again ops are not trained for that.

Mental Health Today provides a list of volunteers who will accept telephone calls from people who are feeling suicidal ideation and/or are in crisis. Also available is an on-line email support group called BPD - Self Harm/Suicide List This is a list for those with Borderline Personality Disorder who struggle to cope with self-harm and either feeling or being suicidal. It is an unmoderated list in which anything and everything can be discussed. On the BPDSHS list there are no rules. List members can post about details of both self-harm and suicide attempts. This list must be used at the list members own risk and each person should be aware before joining that there are no rules being enforced on this list. Click here to join this list. Thank You.


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