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LATEST NEWS................

Well nothing much exciting, school started, fixing the house, usual stuff.

I'm looking for some land in or near Rockville to make a R/C track, if anybody in the area knows of any please let me know.

Classes 2nd semester (spring-00): Grade: Classes 3rd semester (fall-00): Grade:
MA-091 Algebra A Ma-100 and Ma-102 A
CA-172 Exploring the Internet A Automation Control Tech A
CG-120 Computer Graphics A Automation Control Tech lab A
He-100 Beginning Health A English-109 A
Pe-105 Beginning Golf A Ca-100 Keyboarding A

Classes 4th semester (spring-01): Grade: Classes 5th semester (fall-01) : Grade
Au-102 Robotics A CD-209 Computer Aided Design 1 A
Ma-180 Pre-calculus A MT-100 Microcomputer Electronics A
Es-100 Intro to Engineering Science A CD-250 Computer Aided Design 2 A
Ca-273 Advanced web technologies A CS-110 Computer Programming B

Classes 6th semester (spring-02) : Grade:
CA-272 Homepage Construction ?
ET-280 Engineering Tech Project ?
MT-127 Electronics for Computers ?
CD-251 Computer Aided Design 3 ?

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