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"Only the insane have strength enough to prosper.  Only those who prosper may truly judge what is sane"

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Welcome to the home of Battlefleet Angelus.

As you will discover I am something of a Gothic nut and this site is dedicated to my Imperial Fleet, it's greatest foes and any experimental ships I am working on as well as providing a place for Townsville's BFG community to be seen and heard. 

As time goes on I will hopefully add some short stories, the occasional battle report and anything anyone feels like sending me. 

Hope you enjoy your Stay :)

New Stuff

Check out the new Hierarch Class Cruiser from Bernd Hartwig

Khyron has sent me even more stuff for those of the Chaotic persuasion

Lyndon Hardy has kindly let me post two experimental Battleships of his that are quite cool

The First of my honoured foes has been added...Craftworld Elandor

Last Updated : 14-June-2005

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