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My name is Jeremy and I live in a small town of 15,000 people. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was a baby. Everything was going smoothly till January-Feburary of 2003 when I got really sick and Diabetes kicked in with out me knowing. I spent 4 months in Yale Hospital in Conneticuit. Where my doctor, Dr. Kim, took excelent care of me. While I was there I made the decesion to move back home to Illinois where I would have more help from friends and family. In July my dad and I made the 14 hour drive to move me into my sisters place. Now I have a new apt with my roomate, my mom, and its great. She helps me when I need it and I do what ever I can to help around the house. In January of 04 I was placed on the Lung Transplant List as Layola Hospital in Chicago, and I'm seen by Dr. Jain and Nurse Joanne at Northwestern Memorial Hospital also in Chicago. They have been taking excelent care of me also.  And this is the best news of all on Feb. 15th at 1:30 pm i went in for surgery for my new lungs!!  Wow I feel great now!
Hobbies and Interests
I LOVE BMWs! Before I had to stop working thats what I fixed. I was a BMW Technician, and loved every minute. Now I like spending time with my friends and family. I also like to learn about other countries and their customs. Tattoos, yeah I have 'em. Two actually and I'm not done either. I have a Cross over my heart in memory of my Grandpa Ralph and I have the chinese character for family on my forearm.  I recently got into a new hobby,  mini choppers.  They're awesome its basicly a scaled down motorcycle all customized and chromed out!  My neighbor bought one of the really cheap ones and I just have to out do him so I'm gonna have a custom builder make me one! hheehe  So far the main parts that I want on it will be a 40" springer front end, 20" aluminum custom milled rim,  aluminum drag bars and aluminum grips, and a foot brake.  I'll post some pics when it comes in.
Friends and Family
My friends and family are everything to me. They're there when I'm sick and when I'm healthy. I love spending time with them. 
Family Update
My Sister and her new husband Nathan just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary
My cousin Melissa has been asked to be married and has set the wedding for next year
My dog Sadie was sick, she had a tumor on one of her glands in her brain, causing her to be very weak. One really cold day outside she had a stroke and passed away.

Friend Update

Bobbie received her double lung transplant on July 3 2004 and is doing great
Mike is doing well, with his two double lung transplants, and with the occasional fevers.  He received his kidney transplant on thursday feb 24th his mom and him are good
Elaine received her double lung transplant April 15 and is celebrating her 10 month post anniversary and is now working!
Apartment Update
Well we moved in on march 1 of 04 and was promised closet doors, coubards countertops and a replacement dishwasher.   Nothing has been taken care of like what was said when we moved in, will we get them before the one year?  We have patients and rent is paid on time everytime, but patients is running low.
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