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This page is dedicated to The Pirate Movie, starring Christopher Atkins and Kristy McNichol, which was released in 1982.  Christopher Atkins, the cutie-patootie who played "Frederic" in the film, was 20 years old when the movie was released and still hot from his first starring role in The Blue Lagoon - and one of my all time favorite "heart throbs" from my teen years!

After searching in vain two years ago for any information on the web about Christopher Atkins, I finally found the Christopher Atkins Dedication Page!  This site is linked to pages on many of Chris's films, including A Night in Heaven, The Blue Lagoon, etc. but NOTHING on The Pirate Movie!  In looking at the guestbook on the Christopher Atkins Dedication Page, I saw I wasn't the only one who loved The Pirate Movie and that others were looking for pics and info on this great movie!  So here it is - ENJOY!   E-mail me and let me know what you think of the page and any pics or sounds you'd like to see added.  Enjoy!

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From the video release..  "The Pirate Movie is an imaginative blend of the world of Gilbert and Sullivan and today's world of popular music.   The timeless operetta THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE is neatly updated to explore the wishes and hopes of a very modern young lady.  Mabel (Kristy McNichol), an awkward and shy teenager, fantasizes romance and adventure after meeting Frederic (Christopher Atkins), a debonair young man dressed as a pirate at an exhibit in the amusement park.   The movie retains six songs from the original operetta, while a host of new numbers, despite their rock-n-roll beat, manage to stay very much with the spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan."

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Frederic - Christopher Atkins
Mabel - Kristy McNichol
The Pirate King! - Ted Hamilton
Maggie Kirkpatrick - Ruth
The Major General - Bill Kerr

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Click on the thumbnails to see larger images
(I warn you - there's LOTS of romantic pics - the best parts of the movie!)
(Please be patient while the thumbnails load - it's worth it!)
Under construction!  More pics to be added, so check back!

Frederic, the young, nobel pirate.

Mabel Stanley.

Frederic and Mabel's first kiss.

Can you hear the ocean, Mabel?

A romantic run down the beach..

Frederic & Mabel look on as the pirates go after Mabel's sisters.

Frederic, the handsome pirate.

I Am the Pirate King!

Frederic struggles to find the underwater treasure!

Mabel and Frederic's wedding portrait.

Frederic fights with his one-time ally, The Pirate King.

Mabel and Frederic lose their battle with the pirates.

A great shirtless moment.. Oh Frederic!

Will Frederic ever find love?

Mabel & Frederic announce their plans to marry.

Frederic ensuring that Mabel is alright after her swordfight.

The King looks on as Frederic and Mabel announce their engagement.

Frederic tells Mabel he must be loyal to the pirates..

Frederic and Mabel get acquainted..

Frederic leaves the pirates..with a splash!

Another romantic moment...

Frederic copies the Treasure Map tatooed on the King's back..

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