The End of the Last Iceage

The End of the Last Iceage has moved H E R E.

The Tale of Two Nancy Reagans

An expose on the startling youth of the former First Lady, during the period in which she was a Discordian robber/political intriguist. She robbed from her rich neighbors, confused the police and caused Lionel Richie to be arrested. Then she stole his brightly colored rings and threw them into the cop car while he was being arrested. “Hey,” said Lionel Richie, “Life ain’t so bad after all!”


There was some great evil in the bathroom. When I went in to check there was a huge dirty white rabbit in a big communal shower. I had a vision of a child approaching it and holding out his hand to stroke it. The rabbit tore his arm off. There was a second, female rabbit and they both butchered and devoured all the children.

The End of the Last Iceage is the organ of initiation of The Cult of the Nu Alice, a vegetarian chainsaw cannibal cult based in the Sonoran Desert.
Share in the mysteries of the Great Goddess Eris; find subversion and illumination through propaganda, dada, plagarism and bad art.
Comparte y Disfruta

It was painful to be in that position.It was painful to be in that position.It was painful to be in that position.

Create, Destroy, Enjoy

The New Alice in the Valley of the Island of the Monsters
More of the same shit
The Four Nekkid Orphans of the Rapture
Otherworldly children Make Nice with Religious Cops
The Mystery of the Shadowy Teenage Death Cult
Four Teenagers Solve Supernatural Mysteries with the help of their pet...Giant Desert Centipede
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Sally Hardesty becomes the guest of honor at the country home of three cannibal brothers
The Tale of Two Nancy Reagans
A slightly gory tale of espionage and intrigue
The Lovely Porn Stars of Discordianism
Maritza's sister June gives birth to a killer baby who turns out to be the Queen of Something or other
The Elvis Saga
The True Story of the King of Rock and Roll
Liber DCCXVI: Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and the Evil Spirits
An idyllic walk through the woods with Cannibal Cannabis Buddha
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and the First Day of School
A nostalgic look at Cannibal Cannabis Buddha's School Days
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha Returns (again)
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha returns from the grave for revenge
A Trip To Dismember
A trip through spacetime with an avatar of Eris
Night of the Living Dead
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha and his assassin join forces against hysterical mothers
Let's Make the Water Turn Black
An interpretation of Frank Zappa's song
Liber Trinitas Profanas
Curly Howard saves Cannibal Cannabis Buddha from certain death
The Anti-Fable of the Duchess
How the Nu Alice defeated Nazism and the Old Ones
Liber w: The Invasion of the White Suburban Swimsuit Cult
Cannibal Cannabis Buddha is assassinated
The Sugarcubes' lovely paean to Insect Collecting and Intergenerational Love
Shrine to the Goddess Eris
A shrine to the Goddess Eris
The End of the Last Iceage

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