Thanks for visiting, some of my likes are British Sports Cars, Cigars and Golf. Sounds like I'm sort of stuck in 3rd gear. I have added some Brit Car Links and will be adding others in the near future.
MG Enthusiasts
MG's for Sale on e-Bay
Wilson Motors (Great Cars for Sale)
My 1958 Triumph TR3
Over the years I've owned a 63 Spitfire, 59 TR3A, 75 MGB and now my 58TR3A.
My Family Pics Page
My Sport Trac Pics
Ford Explorer Sport Trac Owners Page
My Favorite Links:
S.I.R. Brit
My TR3 Pics
I just bought this 1958 TR3 and towed in back from Fort Worth, TX.  Well to make a long sad story a little shorter. I had the car 5 day and it was totaled by a woman that ran a red light. I am in the process of having the car rebuilt.
Meet Alec Zayne Agnew, the newest member of the family. Arrived Thursday September 6th at 9:15
UPDATE May 9th, 2002
The Rack and Pinion upgrade has worked out very well.  Getting ready for Marques on the Green in Louisville, KY June 1st.
Updates of Alec Zayne 05/31/02
Little Dog Just Chillin!!
Alec Pics
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