Pictures of people from the Shadowrun universe

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Alright Mr. Crane, as promised, here I have posted a picture that
both of us like a little better than the first one. :)-<

Finally I've got a pic of Mortimer Crane. He is an Oni Physical Adept.
This isn't as good of a likeness of him as I want, but I've already
promised that I will do my best to get a decent colored pic of him up
here as soon as I can. I'm just running into some trouble getting the
bright red skin right.

This is a pencil sketch of Andromeda Yates and Sloan walking
together and chatting. Such a relaxing moment is rare for them.

This is a very old pencil sketch of Andromeda Yates the Fixer.

This sketch is also rather old, and I don't really think it looks
much like Sloan, but I do like how the clothes turned out.

This is Sarah "Fireball". Ain't she sweet?

Phynn wandering through the alleys of the Redmond Barrens
trying to bring back memories of her life before she was
turned into a vampire by the dreaded HMHVV.

Andromeda Yates proving that even she must loosen up every
now and then. (This was not an easy thing to convince her of. ;) )

Here's another of Phynn in a slightly different setting.
The first comment I ever got about this picture was "Oh sure,
she poses nude but covers up her legs!" :)

John, a.k.a. Blacklight, just chillin'.

Dancer the cat shamanic physical adept contemplating
the aesthetics of her firearm.

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