Project X: phase 2

other wheels/tires, removed side trim,
installed stereo, replaced back muffler,
installed coil-over lowering suspension
wheels:   spoked alloy 6 x 14 Ronals from Golf GTI, 185/55/14 tires
side trim:   I removed the trim that runs along the side of the car for a cleaner look
stereo:   - Pioneer with cd changer
- Magnat 4x40 watt amp.
- Pioneer/Quarts speakers front/rear
exhaust:   replaced the back muffler with a Cherry Bomb, retaining standard end pipe
owered suspension:   installed a set of Intrax coil-overs, it's adjustable in ride height.

other:   This was a very time and money consuming part of the project - especially the lowering set was expensive. I eventually went back to the manufacturer because I felt the ride was too hard for the money. They rebuilt the shocks to my liking while I performed the labor of taking apart the suspension and putting it back together again. It was worth it, the car drives pretty smooth for being lowered, especially at higher speeds.

I used stereo parts from two previous cars for the setup in Project X. The muffler needed replacement, but I didn't feel like spending money on a new one, so I used a cherry bomb I had lying around.
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