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In my next life, I vow to become totally enamored with something a little more mainstream and a little less difficult to explain to the general population. Like fine wines, or Balinese pearl-divers, or shearing mountain goats.

Until then, however, give me the adventures of the heroes who live under Manhattan, hidden from the people above, yet striving for a higher standard and the survival of their amazing family!

What the...?? Who does my casting?!

What the...?? Who does my casting?! Not THOSE tunnel-dwellers! I admit I have a soft spot for Vincent, Father and especially Mouse from the 1980s series Beauty & The Beast, but the heroes I was referring to are the (not-so-)Teenage(-any-longer) Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The this image courtesy the official TMNT web site

So far, this site is the host of some fan fiction by Ria, hosted fan fics by Sue and Leo/Kim, an essay, a song's lyrics, a Mikey sketch, some photos, and a whole lotta hope. (I'm hoping for a working scanner by next Christmas. And to be so busy I can't think straight and end up writing fan fics for seven hours straight.)

Many thanks to the folks at Mirage Studios, for following through on their inspirations, and for allowing the fans to continue the dream through their own creations!

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Ask for stuff from this site before borrowing, and no one will send Raph to get all ninja on ya, heh!
Thanks for visiting! ([;( D)

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