Future Shock - Preface

words of warning...
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This story began in 1991 as a dark vision of the future, where fortunately a few heroes survive. It's impossible to take literally, mostly because every time I try to make it believably realistic the fic takes on epic proportions...and I'd like to save my epic for something publishable!

So I welcome the indulgence of my readers' willing suspension of disbelief, and hope you enjoy the story.

As in most fan fics on this site, there is some mild swearing and violence. But -- and this is important -- nobody's gonna fall in love with anybody else in this fanfic. So, when a girl talks to a Turtle or any other male, don't expect them to jump in bed together in the next chapter.

Finally, the "rewrite" is ongoing and probably will be the rest of our lives. I'll keep posting more as sections are completed.

Stay green!


Chapter 1 - Dark Ages of the Evening

Future Shock Map

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