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PG-13 (for violence, mild cursing)
or PG ('cause these Turtles aren't plushies).

*Fan Fiction by Leonardo*
by Kim G.

A collection of TMNT stories by Kim G. ("Leonardo" on IRC) and other fans.

*True Forces*
by Sue Sitler

A fan's sequel to the first TMNT movie.

*Waiting for Leonardo*

The Moebius Strip of TMNT FanFiction.

*Rufie's Story*

Short story involving Don and a good deed gone wrong...


What "family" meant when the Turtles were small.

*Blade of the Master*

The winning entry in GreenWilloW's fan fiction contest, spring 2002!

*Future Shock*

A story of Turtles beyond the Millenium! (unfinished)

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