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Khairé ! This small website is about the brightest civilization ever. It deals briefly with things such as Mythology, Philosophy, History,  Military, and the most known aspects  of Ancient Greek Culture, although they were remarkable in many other aspects such as Art, Politics, Trade, etc. The Ancient Greeks didn't achieve much technological advance and their "empire" was very small if compared to Rome, but their achievements in other areas were astonishing. Even believing in their gods and myths, they were the first not to feel satisfied with divine explanations for the world, and so they created Philosophy, as a way to discover the truth about things, as far as we can. In Politics, they created Democracy, which was the direct control of the City-State by the citizens themselves. Besides all of this, they introduced very sophisticated concepts and ideals that we still carry in our minds today, like their sense of Beauty. Their legacy was partly erased with the coming of Christianity, and later recovered and adapted by our bourgeois society. Still, what they left us is the most precious thing and their ideals will be always there to be revered and sought by us. This site is a tiny and humble reflex of their genius, but I hope it can be useful.
Updated: May/8/2007
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