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  Welcome to my lil Anne site. I've been a big fan of Kevin Sullivan's Anne of Green Gables movies ever since I can remember. I've recently started reading the wonderful book series by L.M. Montgomery. I've enjoyed them so much I thought I'd make a small site about them. It's not going to be as thorough as my Hornblower Cast Pages, but it's something.
  Right I'm working on getting the whole site up, it still under construction. Please check back soon for updates!

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The Gentleman, A Jonathan Crombie Fanlisting Unalloyed Gold~A Gilbert Blythe Fanlisting A Place to Belong~A Green Gables Fanlisting Kindred Spirits, for the characters from the movie/book series You're Our Girl Now Anne of the Island Anne with an E Tennyson by Firelight

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The Golden Road
Geography and Chronology of Anne of Green Gables and its Sequels
The World of Anne (Cordelia) Shirley
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Notes on the Geography and Chronology of the Anne Books
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~L.M. Montgomery~
The L.M. Montgomery Institute
The L.M. Montgomery Resource Pages
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Lucy Maud Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks

Anne of Green Gables~A Kindred Spirit
Shelly's Avonlea
In Timely Fashion (Great Resource)
In Timely Fashion's Anne Pages
Eras of Elegance
The Victorian Trading Company
Prince Edward Island
The Golden Road to Avonlea (a RTA site)
Avonlea Vignettes
Avonlea Treasures
The Sullivan Boutique
Wild Cherry Blossoms:An Anne of Green Gables Project

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Mindy's Website

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