I know It's been forever since I updated any ofe my Buffy pages and I'M SORRY!!!!! I will start working on them soon....


Surprise Surprise NOT MINE! They All belong to Joss, The Great Evil Joss. The only reason I write/read Fan Fiction and That I have made this site is 'cause, Well Yeah Like Joss will Let Angel Go Angelus and HAve sex with Spike while Willow Watches! And the Fact is, Joss honey, The damn season isn't long enough!
Now lets get the Official Crap over with
Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ is © To The WB and Joss. All characters spoken about with in the pages of this site are not owned by me or the writers of the fic. (Unless Joss is writing fan fiction and sending it to the list, and we don't know.)
I also do not know anyone you would know from the show.
Note: I really do not care if you Take any Pictures from this site. Since I do not own them there is no point in Me telling you not to take any pictures without asking. (But it would be nice to see how you use them!!)
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