An angel (Greek: angelos, "messenger") is a celestial being believed to function as

a messenger or agent of God in CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM, JUDAISM, and ZOROASTRIANISM. In

the Near Eastern antecedents to Judaism, angels were often understood to be gods or

lesser divinities. Their existence was taken for granted by the biblical authors.

The use of the word angel may have been a way of describing what was believed to be

an appearance of God himself in human form.


In the Old Testament, angels are called "messengers," "men," "powers," "princes,"

"sons of God," and the "heavenly host." They either have no body or one that is only

apparent. They come as God's messengers to aid or punish, are assigned to individual

persons or nations, and often have a name (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel). New

Testament statements about angels reflect Jewish views of these beings. Angels, for

example, announced Christ's birth (Luke 2) and resurrection (Matt. 28).


Ancient and medieval peoples widely accepted the influence of good spirits, or

angels, and evil spirits, or fallen angels (DEMON; SATAN). During the Middle

Ages, theologians developed a hierarchy of angels. They were classified in the

following nine ranks (beginning with the lowest): angels, archangels,

principalities, powers, virtues, dominations, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

Angels are a popular subject in folklore, literature, and art.

There are also angels that govern the days of the week and , months of the year., and for each planet. I don't know where these beliefs originated, but I am sure sometime in the early history of man. Following is a list of the angels for each month of the year.


Asmodel (Taurus)

Ambriel (Gemini)

Muriel (Cancer)

Verchiel (Leo)

Hamaliel (Virgo)

Zuriel (Libra)

Barbiel (Scorpio)

Adnachiel (Sagittarius)

Hanael (capricorn)

Gabriel (Aquarius)

Barchiel (Pisces)


Each angel is also believed to govern a day together with a planet.

Gabriel: Monday, moon

Samael: Tuesday, Mars

Raphael: Wednesday ,Jupiter

Sachiel: Thursday, Saturn

Anael: Friday ,Venus

Cassiel: Saturday ,Saturn

Michael: Sunday sun

If you want to learn more check out the book

Inquiry Into The Existence Of Guardian Angels

A Journalist's Investigative Report

Pierre Jovanovic

Evans And Company Inc, New York



The angel Ambriel is associated with Gemini. This is my guardian angel.

If you would like to adopt a special angel for your month all you have to do is email me with your name ,email and and site url where it will be used. I also require a link back to this page. After I receive your information I will send you your angel.

Although I don't believe in using Astrology or telling the future with it, I do believe that the heavens declare God's glory and tell the story of Christ and his church. I am looking into the study by Marylin Hickey. The sign or Virgo for example is suppose to represent the virgin birth of Christ. While I was at the Science Museum in Toronto they had a exhibition which showed that all the planets had now progressed into the next constellation. Which means that if you think you were born under one sign you actually were born in the next one. When I get all the information of this special zodiac study I will update this page.


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