Sit down on the carpet of clouds, and relax in the heavenly garden. Put up your feet, take a load off. Enjoy the beautiful angels . Each has a saying of their own. Smell the sweet aroma of the angels as they sprinkle rose petals on your head. The purpose of these angels is to make you feel relaxed, and at peace from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. So sit and enjoy the refreshing sayings and sights of these angels. And if you have a saying or prayer you would like to add feel free to send it.

Angels never seem so far away,

They touch our lives most every day

In little kindnesses, and in people who

Have loving hearts, just like you.


God in His wisdom and His love

Very often sends His angels down to walk
with us,

We know them best as "friends."



Open your heart to love
And hear the song
Of an angel


Angels have a special way
Of bringing a little bit of
heaven to earth.


Loving angels are everywhere,
in the smiles that we give,
in the words that we share,
in the gentle hearts of those who care.

When angels whisper
It's like a gentle prayer

Lifted up to heaven
To keep us in God's care.

Angels can hear even the tiniest of prayers
we whisper with our hearts.



Angels are reminders
From heaven above

To fill our days
With kindness and love.



Never forget

Someone keeps you in mind

And remembers you always in prayer.

Someone who hopes that

angels will bless you

and keep you in God's care.


Where there is hope
There is always
An angel nearby.

It's a litle prayer,
"God bless you,"
but it means so much each day,
It means may angels guard you
And guide you on your way.

A gift for you


May the angels always smile upon you
Thanks for stopping in.
Hope you enjoyed your visit.



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