Welcome to Stiletto Blade, a shrine to Surreal the infamous assassin of the Realms of the Blood. Come into her world as she tells you exactly what's on her mind, gives you a peek into her past as well as how she lives out the present, and what she has sought out to be her life's work. Here you can catch glimpses of those who have annoyed her and those who have actually lived to tell about their encounter with a beautiful face of death.

January 20, 2005

Finally read Dreams Made Flesh, which was better than I expected especially with the light-hearted humour. I was half-cringing in fear that it was going to be a huge disappointment. Although, the writing is slightly different from the original trilogy, that much is to be expected expected considering it has been years since Anne Bishop wrote any of the characters in a wider span. The stories were highly enjoyable and were able to wrap a number of loose ends especially those that had been left after Queen of the Darkness. Surreal only plays a huge role in the story "Kaeleer's Heart" where she plays matchmaker again between Daemon and Jaenelle since this is the only story where she makes an appearance in Dream Made Flesh.

December 31, 2004

Stiletto Blade is officially launched. Many thanks to everyone who comes to visit. Most of the site features are still really rickety but give me a little time and I hope you will be pleased with the final results. In other news (not that it matters since if you are a long-time BJT fan you; will probably know this already ^_^) Dreams Made Flesh, the collection of four new novellas from the realms of the Blood, will be out somewhere in next 30 days. That is assuming the Darkness is being favourable (and your regular bookstore gets the shipment on time.)

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