The system of the eight phases of the Moon can assist in a cycle of manifesting material, mental, emotional or spiritual growth.

The montly lunation cycle is broken into two halves. The creative half begins at the Balsamic Moon (the last few days prior to the New Moon), and lasts throughout the first quarter stage. In this period, the Moon goes from dark toward the light. The other half of the cycle is the receptive half, where we receive feedback on our creative energies and, ultimately, our tangible reward. This begins with the Gibbous Moon (the last few days before the Full Moon), and goes through the third quarter phase. THis is the bright part of the lunation cycle. The Moon reflects back to us, filling in details lost among the shadows.

This list begins and ends with the Balsamic because it is the beginning of one cycle and the ending of the previous one.

Balsamic creates with the air element including sound and thought. Think of and speak of only that which you wish to create. Design your goal for the month.

Creates with the fire element, including vision and emotion. Visualize what you wish to create in your life. Use your emotions positively, get excited about the new coming into your life. Feel expectant, anticipatory.

Creates with the earth element, including attitudes, instinct and the physical sense of touch, taste and smell. Say, "I deserve this!" Using the physical senses, convince yourself that you deserve the positive things you are attracting. Begin gathering information regarding your wish or goal.

Is the last of the creative process. It creates with the water element, including movement and felling. Now is the time to claim your power, to take action, to persist. Stick your neck out and go for your wish or goal.

Now we switch to the receptive side of the phases. Gibbous receives via the fire element. It receives vision and emotion. Pay attention to the visual information. Work with positive programming through visuals: read uplifting material, watch positive show. Pay attention to emotions that are coming to you from others.

The Full Moon receives through the air element. Now we are learning through sounds and information. Your answers are truly coming to you regarding your wish. Work with positive programming through sound, subliminal tapes, music, songs, lectures, etc.

The Disseminating Moon receives by way of the water element. Your receive feedback regarding your actions. It is a time of sharing your wisdon with others. Journal your progress.

The third quarter is the fruit of the cycle. It receives the earth element, which is tangible reward. It is a time to pause and enjoy the fruits of your labor before beginning another cycle. Congratulate yourself for accomplishment. Reward yourself through the physical senses of touch, taste, and smell.

Balsamic, as it relates to the conclusion of a cycle, is the letting go of all which took place in the cycle. Let go of feeling you were responsible for the creation. You were merely co-creator, Let go of any mess you man have created. You can do even better next cycle. Here, we let fo of what is no longer needed. We return what we are no using. It is a great time to clean out various areas of you life. Is ther any forgiveness work that is needed? Now is the time to do it.

I Hope you enjoy working with the Phases of the MOON.

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