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I don't mean to sound granidoke, but there's something universial that you tap into with film's like Fest of July and Schindler's List.  You know they aren't make believe.  They illustrate something about life.  This is my major concern whenever I select a film
      - Drama Logue, Oct 5 - 11 - 1995

Quote 2:
When you're 20 it's fine to look like Kate Moss.  I'm not 20 anymore.

Quote 3:
I'm an odd girl when it comes to what's sexy and what isn't.  The Particularly luscious-looking ones are not attractive to me.  Ken (Branagh) is really smart, and that's what's sexy.
(March 15, info thanks to Renata)

Quote 4:
I've accepted I can't rely on my work alone, I must market myself.  The truly spectacular roles do go to the girls who actively promote their popularity.  I go to my share of big functions, but not wearing low-cut gowns, I don't have the figure fo it.  I do know other ways of raising heat, though.
(SA Citylife)

Quote 5:
Stripping for Altman took everyone by suprise.  Hollywood is still talking about it.  It's a good awareness to have, I don't have a problem playing nudity as long as it's a key part of the story.
(SA Citylife)

Quote 6:
I didn't make it easy for him.  He's a strange man, older than I am, who doesn't play the Hollywood game.  He has a wild, renegade streak.  He said he saw that same quality in me.
(SA Citylife - Embeth talking about Harvey Keitel )

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