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Thoughts like raindrops
This site is for anything you want to share with the world any thoughts you have that are not vulgar or just totally out there to share and get feedback on well you have a place here

This was me when I won the poetry contest at my local library just shows what you can do when you put your mind to iy

So it's two o clock in the morning at my house don't know what time it is at yours but whatever it is where probably doing two things thinking or sleeping for those of you who are sleeping before you slept you where probably thinking about tomorrow for those of you awake you are probably thinking about tommorrow and what the rest of your day will look like I to think about this I wonder sometimes what will happen and for ne and probably some of you it's hard to live in the now where stuck in the present or the past and that's okay that's just who we are. i treasure each and everyone of one of you whether your a good or bad person because god wants me to. And I just want to assure you whatever your doing whether your sleeping or awake just remember you don't have to face tomorrow alone

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