Xenda'ths: Julius Evola

Guenon Julius Evola, also known as Baron Giulio Cesare Evola, (May 19, 1898–June 11, 1974) was an Italian philosopher, esotericist, occultist, author, artist, poet, political activist, soldier and Traditionalist. His theories were often mixed in with his occult writings, with themes such as Hermeticism, the metaphysics of sex, Tantra, Buddhism, Taoism, mountaineering, the Holy Grail, the essence and history of civilizations, decadence and various philosophic and religious Traditions from the East and the West. He considered himself a representative and upholder of "Tradition" in an age of spiritual oblivion and organized deviancy. Evola's core trilogy of works are commonly regarded to be Revolt Against the Modern World, Men Among the Ruins and Ride the Tiger.

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