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an old bookIn our modern age, it seems that all the truly great teachers are no more. Perhaps this is merely a reflection of the natural mythmaking process, & these men and women of bygone eras only seem great in hindsight, or there just may be something about todays society which is inimical to true greatness such as was possible in earlier (& less degenerated) times. Be that as it may, in the absence of a Superior Man we are forced to examine the works of the great teachers. The question then becomes, how do we ensure that we are able to understand what these people are actually saying to us? The world even fifty years ago was radically different than the world today. Add to this the differences between the United States and Europe and you will have a contextual gestalt radically different from anything someone raised in Public Schools and MTV would be able to grasp. This list attempts to provide various important elements of an assumed Cultural Capital that seems to be present in older works.

If you feel there is something more than can be provided by Peter Carrol, that the trite morality of Wicca is just too shallow, or that the latest hip fashion to hit the "New Age/Metaphysics" shelves that seems just like the prior hip fashion but with new trappings -- and you yearn for something more substantive, but cannot seem to move out of the beginner books that present a watered down variant of recognized masters, try your hand at the following books. I apologize in advance for the United States bias in the titles, however I am in the US, and I would not wish to get into the habit of presuming to know what elements of the Cultural Capital are missing from any country, yet alone all of them.

Note: I have read all the books listed in this reading list, thus some elements may be a bit light.

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