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Atri Solis Ordo

This website and all of its documents are presented for archival purposes only. While many of the ideas and forces behind this book are still held, many are considered erroneous and infected with a hubris that all to often overcomes those whose ideas are greater than their knowledge. Perhaps this will be re-opened once I have attained 8=3

Welcome. This web-site is dedicated to bringing forth the manifestation of the Temple -- & the Order in service to the Temple. I first attempted to bring forth the Temple some time ago, but quickly realized that it was in danger of becoming a structure without a purpose -- an exercise in vanity, if you will -- such as is found all over the occult web. I had developed rituals, degrees, titles and the like -- all without first having created a concrete philosophical basis. It was dedicated to "the fourth aspect of the goddess as manifested under the Law of Thelema & as typified by the Goddess Lilith". While accurate, it really says little. Thus, I brought down the original site to work upon Liber Atri Matris (The Book of the Dark Mother, or The Book of Lilith).

Over time, I intend to port over the materials from the original sight, after conforming it to the ideas paradigm outlined in Liber Atri Matris. The Current list of items to be ported or created are listed below.

We are now hosted on Geocities.

Drak.Net has decided that it was too much trouble to police the free websites (which I can understand) & will discontinue its free service on the 30th of September. I want to thank Drak.Net for it's service to the Occult & New Religion communities, and curse the <censored> who ruined a perfectly noble service.

Liber Atri Matris The central document of the Temple. It translates to "Book of the Dark Mother". which is a reference to Lilith.
Posted on the Web: 26 July 2000

Titular Deities A List & Description of the Gods & Goddesses of particular importance to the L'lithian system
03 August 2000

Outline of the Temple What is the Temple, what are its purposes, what are its goals (breifly)
31 July 2000

Outline of the Order What is the Order, what are its purposes, what are its goals (breifly)
02 August 2000

Temple Ranking The structure and titles within the Temple's hierarchy
31 July 2000

Order Ranking The structure and titles within the Order's hierarchy
02 August 2000

Magick Its importance to the L'lithian system, basic overview & nature.
Not yet completed.

Rituals & Ceremonies Devotional and Public Ceremonies of the Temple & the Order.
Not yet completed.

Ethics Guidelines for Socio-Spiritual Evolution.
Not yet completed.

Please feel free to send me email, or sign The Guestbook (or you can just look). There is also a Yahoo Club for the Temple. Comments on Liber Atri Matris are being actively sought, so please, read it and use the various Feedback links in the text.

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