A Brief Outline of the Temple of the Children of Lilith

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law -- AL I:40


  1. To promote and develop the Law of Thelema.
  2. To further this paradigm on a societal and spiritual level.
  3. To provide a sense of continuity, completion and community.

Belief System

The Temple of the Children of Lilith operates within the Thelemic Chaos Paradigm as outlined in Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law) and other Sacred Texts and as manifested through its principle deities, Lilith and Zagreus.


The Temple of the Children of Lilith is a Religious Body with ten grades arranged within four tiers -- Melos (Member), Akluthos (Student), Kleris (Cleric) and Katalysis (Senior Cleric).  Please refer to Temple Ranking.


  1. Accept and support the philosophy of The Temple of the Children of Lilith.
  2. Attempt to adhere to the Thelemic Code of Honor.
  3. Support the Goals of The Temple of the Children of Lilith.
  4. Follow any requirements specified by one's grade (these will be made known before one takes the grade).


  1. Observe all religious holidays of The Temple.
  2. Attend all rites and ceremonies of The Temple.
  3. Attend all social gatherings of The Temple.
  4. Actively work towards the goals of the Temple.

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