Here are the biographies of some of our past members. Although they are no longer active members in the group, we donít want them to be forgotten.

Name: Julie
Username: glinda
Status: past member

Hi - I'm Glinda, 45, mother of 3 and happily living with my significant other. I'm using the WW123 program but not going to meetings. I get nightly support from my Thin Group friends. My starting weight was 234 lbs in Jan/99 and I have since lost 30 lbs on my way to 140. I enjoy gardening, reading and anything mystic. I strongly feel that successful dieting can only be accomplished with love,laughter and lots of support.(1999)

Name: Gail
Username: gale
Status: past member

Hi - My name is Gail. At age 55, I'm happily married to Ken, my husband of 35 1/2 years, have 4 children and 1 grandchild. I live near Vancouver, British Columbia on the Canadian west coast and love to garden, cross stitch and paint, and am very interested in aromatherapy. My highest weight was in January/99 when I hit 173 lbs. I'm now 167 lbs and pleased with the results from following the WW123 program. Even though I do not attend meetings, my support comes from my internet friends. My goal weight is 120 lbs, and I'm very optimistic that with perserverence and the wonderful support of the Thin Group, I'll eventually get there. Thank you for this great group. (1999)

Name: Janny
Username: Janny
Status: past member

Hi all, my name is Janny, and I have been a member of 'The Thin Group' for quite some time, and a better group on the net would be hard to find. I am 52 years old, married to Rick, stepmom of Kelly, fave mom-in-law of Dave and the proud grammy of 3 year old Zach. I have been blessed in my life in more ways than one, and I have been cursed with a weight problem for most of my life. I have a breathing disorder called COPD that rather limits my exercising, so most of my struggle is with food. So finding ways to combat this problem is one of my many hobbies. The other hobbies are, in no particular order, learning how to do caligraphy, swimming, cooking (I'm a great cook, if I do say so myself) and learning how to do new things. My philosophy is that after you turn 50, you have to learn 2 new things a year so your brain doesn't atrophy. So, I have learned to swim, taken up the caligraphy, am going to take horseback lessons this April, and I am going to learn how to tap dance in May. I have taken quite a few different courses since I retired from AT&T, and I wonder how I ever found time to work. Remember, God must have liked calories; he made so many of them. also, housework done properly can kill you. Just my observations. Here's to making the most of this weight loss journey! (1999) ~ Janny ~

Name: Sabrina
Username: sabriny
Status: past member

Hi, my handle is Sabriny and I am 36 years old. I have been married for 8 months (still a newlywed - second marriage). I have a 15 year old and two stepchildren ages 16 and 24, a dog, 15 hamsters and one iguana. I am using WW123 program and recently purchased Taebo tapes. My goal is to lose at least 70 lbs. Currently, I weigh 239 lbs. I have been struggling to lose some weight - the Thin Group has been very supportive and understanding. (1999)

Name: Kerri
username: brite
Status: present member

I am 26 years old and have a wonderful man in my life who is so special! I've been a member since February '99. I am what is called a "workaholic". I have a really hard time conforming to a diet and use work as my out. I work in a corporate environment and take on a lot more than I should. I have a hard time finding the time to eat and can go days without. When I do eat it is unhealthy foods. This group has given me a place to go when I am depressed and yes even silly. Life is here, the time is now and I will make the best of it!

Name: Joanna
username: Joanna
Status: past member

I am a 27 year old that is married to a wonderful man who I met on a blind date. We've been married almost 2 years. He can be very supportive when it's needed. I have tried a few other weight loss attempts unsucessfully, not losing more than 10-12 lbs. I have been over weight for most of my life, matter-of-fact I don't remember ever being thin or even normal. I have at least 100 lbs to lose before this weight loss journey is over. I will make my final weight goal when my body tells me it's feeling healthy. I am not sure how long this journey will take as that amount is a lot of weight and we are wanting to start a family. I would like the weight to be off before getting pregnant but that doesn't look likely so I am here to lose what I can and if or when I get pregnant I will have good eating habits established and a wonderful support group like this one in order to keep from gaining more than necessary. (1999)

Name: Deb
username: pannelli
Status: past member

My name is Deb Pannell, I am 37 years old. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, my highest point was 320 lbs 5 years ago. I went on a liquid fast and lost down to 149. I maintained that weight for exactly 5 minutes! I stayed under two hundred until just recently, kind of went crazy, stopped exercising and eating right. But thanks to the Thin Group I'm back on track. I am a teacher for children who are midically fragile and multiple handicapped. I love my job! On August 29, 1998, I married my sweetheart of the past 14 years in the most romantic ceremony with hundreds of friends and family. He IS my knight in shining armor and he makes my life complete. My hobbies are chatting (of course), hiking, scrapbooking and traveling. I am so proud to be accepted as part of The Thin Group. (1999)

Name: Karen
username: Karmen
Status: past member

Hello - my name is Karen but I go by Karmen as a screen name. I am 28 years old, have been married for 8 years to my wonderful husband Bryan, and have 4 children. I started my weight loss journey on May 8, 1998 for the millionienth time. I have alwlays been a big person. My top weight was 240 which was a year ago, but now I am down over 70 pounds and will end my weight loss with where I want to be. I started Weight Watchers 123 in May and have been with it ever since. I feel very confident that I will succeed with it this time. The main reasons are I have never stuck with it past a month and I am going on almost a year with it and the great support from the Thin Group. They are the best bunch of people to always be there, listen to you, and give tons of encouragement. Love these guys!!!! (1999)

Name: Patti
username: Zoe
Status: past member

My real name is Patti and I am a 45 year old married mother of 2. My husband is Greg - we've been married 22 years and live in Fort Worth, Texas. We are both originally from NJ. My daughter Jenna (Jennifer) is 25 and lives in Florida. My son Chris (Christian) is 21 and still lives at home. My hobbies are collecting antiques, shopping and home remodeling (although our home is now 99% done) and travel. Greg and I work for the same company in the healthcare industry. He is a VP and I am the manager for DME (durable medical equipment) billing to Medicare. I love my job but would love to find something else, something that I could do from home. I have always been "chubby" but after my son was born, I ended up at my highest weight of 220 pounds. I did manage to get down to 129 lbs and was happy but slowly, over the years, creeped back up into the 200's again. I got back up to 209 in 1998 and now have been doing WW. I am headed for a goal of 148 and am halfway there today (2/11/01). I am a born again Christian and put my faith and trust in Christ, that He will get me to my goal by focusing on Him and not food. I have enjoyed The Thin Group since joining back around March of 2000 and am thankful and grateful to all the girls here, for their support and uplifting posts. (1999)

Name: Ellie
User name: Kitty
Status:past member

Hi, I'm Ellie. I love cats,hence the nickname Kitty. I am 59 years old, probably the oldest one to post on the Thin Group. I have been married for almost 43 years to the same wonderful, supportive man. We have been through a lot together - a very debilitating car accident 14 years ago, the death of our youngest son, 12 years ago. He has stuck with me all this time. He really lives up to for better or for worse. We had 3 kids, and now have 9 grandkids, 8 of them are girls. Oh boy, is that fun!!! I have been overweight all of my life, was probably born that way. I quit smoking cold turkey about 35 years ago and know it was because I really wanted to do it that it worked. Losing the excess weight is not as easily done. In my heart I really want to but my head sometimes tells me differently. This is the best group of friends. We are all in the same situation and there is always someone with words of advice or consolation when I need it. thanks gals, I truly appreciate all of you. (1999)

Name: Janice
User name: Newnana
past member

I was born in Trenton, NJ in November 5, 1929 -- 5 days after the crash -- the youngest of 4 children. Lived in Trenton suburb til I left for college in TN for 4 years. First year out of college I worked in Columbus, OH. In 1953 I took a job as Secretary to the ministers (4) of First Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN. I met my husband, Glen, there and we were married in 1960. We have two daughters, Angela and Helen. Angela lives in NYC with her husband, Charlie, and my only grandchild, Martha Glen, who is 2 1/2. Helen lives in Los Angeles and works as a paralegal in an entertainment law firm with such clients as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Randy Newlman, etc. Ten years ago, just short of 29 years of a great marriage, Glen died very suddenly as we were out walking early in the morning. In the past two years I felt god was leading me to live nearer to one of my children. For some obvious reasons I chose a gated adult community (independent living) in Redondo Beach, CA. I am only about 12 miles from my daughter. After 45 years in Indianapolis it's a MAJOR change in my life, but I am not sorry I did it now when I could make the decisions myself and am well. I'm glad several of my friends have email and we do keep in touch.

Name: Kim
User name: KimV
Status: present member

Hi - My name is Kim. I am 29 years old, and happily married to Chad for almost 7 years. In September/99 my daughter Hannah was born. She is my pride and joy. We struggled with infertility for 6 years, and so she is a very special miracle for us. I have chosen to become a "stay-at-home mom and housewife. Even with the ups and downs, I am enjoying being a mom to this beautiful, wonderful, fasinating little miracle!! I have always felt I was fat. In high school, I weighed between 125 and 145. I always thought I needed to lose 5 or 10 pounds, and would of loved to drop down a size or two. I thought being a size 12 or 14 was awful. What I wouldn't give to be that now!!! My struggle with weight did start in high school, though. I ended up in the hospital with breathing problems (later discovered to be allergies to cigarette smoke and fumes from our wood burner) and the medication I took caused me to balloon up 60 lbs in two weeks. I lost all but about 15 of those pounds and ended up staying at 145. When Chad and I got together, I was a housewife for two years, and quit smoking (yes, I was an idiot and smoked even with my allergies) and that's when I went up to 180. I stayed there until the last few years, finally tipping the scale at 208 at the heaviest (though 206 is my official weight) and being a size 22. In March/98 I became serious about losing weight and staying healthy. We finally were able to start treating my infertility problems, and I had read sometimes infertility was due to being overweight. I also wanted to be healthy if I ever got pregnant. I managed to finally get under 200 pounds until November/98. I had surgery to correct some problems to hopefully get pregnant and used the 6 week recovery period as an excuse to go back to eating. In January/99 I found out I was pregnant and that waw going to be another excuse to "eat for two". Fortunately, during my pregnancy I only gained 5 pounds. I started out 206, dropped down and stayed down at 201 for the longest time. Finally started to gain, and the Friday before she was born I weighed 211. When I finally got the guts to get on the scales two weeks after Hannah came, I was delighted to find I weighed 188. Unfortunately, I have gained 10 pounds back and my weight is currently at 198. I know I am going to need my wonderful friends here at the Thin Group now more than ever if I want to lose this weight. Staying at home makes it hard for me to eat right and exercise like I need to. I am also one that binges and uses food for comfort. I have always done that and when I quit smoking I depended on food more than ever before. But with everyone here, I know I can reach my goal and lead a healthy life for my daughter and my husband.

Name: Linda Jean
Status: past member

I just turned 49 on October 21 (YUCK!) I am married to a wonderful guy (who is 12 years younger)! We have no children but we do have three cats which is like having children. I live just outside of Boston, MA and work fulltime outside the home for a man I worked for back in 1991. As a matter of fact, my husband was his travel agent and that's how we met ... over the phone!† I'm an administrator which simply means Iknow everything there is to know about the man I work for and pretty much babysit for him all day. In addition just recently I planned and personally attended a conference held on Sea Island, GA (gorgeous place) and am now plannaing the next two conferences as well as starting our first quarterly newsletter! Whew! I am in the process of starting my own business - a mix of homemade, personalized birdhouses for indoors and out; flower pots (some with plants when sold locally); and other things for the garden and for Christmas. When I get some pictures of my creations developed I'll put them on the website that I still have to design! As far as my body goes ... well it definitely needs some work. I currently weigh 223 pounds and I'm only 5'4. I have been fluctuating between 225 and 220 for a few months now and can't seem to get the scale to go lower. However, since posting on 3FC I have come to realize that if I would just get moving it would make all the difference in the world. So that's what I'm doing.† My goal weight is 130 so I do have quite a ways to go.

Name: Gina
Username: Ginabob
Status: present member

Hi everyone. I'm 23 years old. I've got all but a few hours of a college degree. I live in a nice apartment with my brother, his wife, and their baby son. Right now I work for a bank in Arkansas doing customer support on computers. No I'm not an expert on computers but I do my best. My hightest weight was 240 and that was just before Christmas 99. I am doing the Weight Down program by the book and not the seminars at the moment. Also I am exercising and I can't believe I am saying this I am enjoying it! I am so happy to be part of The Thin Group.





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