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What do you think is the best Aladdin movie?

Aladdin - 89%
Return Of Jafar - 2%
Aladdin and the king of fourty Thieves - 9%

Which Of these is the best Aladdin song?

Arabian Nights - 41%
One Jump Ahead - 17%
Friend Like Me - 8%
Prince Ali - 5%
Whole New World - 39%

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Attention All!!!

I will be setting up a scavenger hunt game soon where I give you the site address and you search for something on the site. If anyone wants to help, please e-mail me your site's address and what you want the viewers to look for on your site.
Oh and someone please help me think of something to give, games without gifts are crappy, but I need some ideas. And good ones too, not "give money" cauze we all know that's not gonna happen.

Take the Aladdin True Fan Quiz
This is a quiz which will ask you some hard and some easy questions to test your great Aladdin skills.
Play Aladdin Man
Basically it's hang man and it will have Aladdin related phrases or words. For all you wimpy fans, don't worry, I give you hints
Play Nidalla Jumbled
That's Aladdin Jumbled. It has jumbled up words and you just have to guess what they are. I'll give you a phrase and make one word be jumbled up, and then you can just guess what it is
Play from homeless to royalty
This is basically Who wants to be a millionaire style game, except I don't offer you any money : ) But you do get the great honor of being recognized as a winner, and I'll place your name on my site. Just send me the link of the page in my e-mail which confirms you as a winner.

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