I Wanna Know Why...some interresting facts about Aerosmith

Steven, Joey, Ray Tabano & Howard Stern all went to Rosevelt High in Yonkers, NY.

The song Draw The Line is not listed on Live Bootleg.

Steven wanted to be a forest ranger when he was little.

On the origional album release of Live Bootleg, the cover was printed sideways.

Steven argues that on the song Big Ten Inch Record he says "'Cept on my big ten inch" (as in except) rather than "Suck on my big ten inch" but most people think it's the latter. What'd you hear?

On A Little South Of Sanity, the first verse of Monkey on My Back is skipped.

Steven has the 2nd longest tongue in rock; first goes to Gene Simmions.

For a short time Joe Perry & Brad Whitford each had their own band.

Aerosmith are in a VH1 book called Pop This!

Steven said if he could look like anyone else in this world, he'd choose Rick Dufay.

Aerosmith was the first band to be animated on the Simpsons.

On the origional copy of "Aerosmith" the sky was tinted orange.

Aerosmith's private Jet is named "The Aeroforce 1"

The origional Done With Mirrors album cover is printed backwards or "mirrored".

Steven & Joey were at the origional woodstock.

F.I.N.E. is printed on both trucks on the Pump cover.

Movin Out was inspired by an eviction notice at their 1325 commonwealth ave appartment.

Steven sings "I Love Trash" on elmopalooza with oscar the grouch.

the sound in the begining of Blind Man is Steven opening a switch blade infront of his mic.

To make background noises for Back in The Saddle, Steven stomped around in boots with tin cans and tamborines attached to them.

Joe gave his origional Toxic Twins t-shirt to Slash of Guns and Roses.

I Don't Want To Miss a Thing was Aerosmith's first #1 record.

Aerosmith is cited as the first "real rock band" to play MTV's unplugged.

Ray Tabano was Aerosmith's first rythem guitarist.

Brad Whitford always wanted to be a race car driver.

Walking the Dog was on the Rolling Stone's first album too.

Steven Tyler was in Play Girl..and yes he was fully clothed!

Aerosmith recorded Draw The Line at a nunnery.

Aerosmith is now in the Book of World Records

the pierced utter on the Get a Grip album is computer animated...THEY DIDN'T PIERCE A COW...

Aerosmith was the only band to do a show called MTV Files

Aerosmith was the first band to have 3 Rockumentaries

The vynal edition of Rock in a Hard Place has MIA carved into the record

if you look at the lyrics page included in Big Ones, you can see steven's mouth in the grey background.

Joe first played guitar at the age of 6

Joey says that he eats in his sleep

Steven wrote Dude (Looks Like A Lady) about Vince Neil of Motely Crue
*from: LiVnAndLoViNAeRo*


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