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The Witness Files

Starring: Yancy Butler, Tony Calabretta, Barry Flatman.
Directed by Douglas Jackson

From the blurb on the video

To win the most important case on his corrupt climb up the ladder to state Attorney General, ruthless D.A. Frank Sutton (Barry Flatman) forces parolee Sandi Dickinson, to falsely testify against a mafia hitman. When the mob tries to silence this surprise witness, Sandi narrowly escapes death. But when she desperately turns to Sutton for help, it becomes clear that he's not going to let this disposable pawn ruin his chance for higher office. She must now devise a way to beat him at his own game. The only way for Sandi to expose Sutton is to plot a murder. Her own.

A made-for-TV project that has already aired on cable in the UK and has been released in the US and Canada on video and DVD. YB plays a make-up artist.

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