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Rattlesnake Crossing

Author: J A Jance. Performed by Yancy Butler. 4 cassettes, abridged fiction. Approximate running time: 5-1/2 hours.

(from the blurb on the back)

The hardworking single mother of a young daughter, Joanna Brady still feels the acute pain of loneliness and loss, the hole that was left in her heart when her policeman husband was murdered. But Sheriff Brady is the law in Cochise County, and murder has shattered the small town's fragile peace.

A local gun dealer has died violently, and his stock of high-powered weapons has been cleared out. When two more slayings follow soon after, suspicion falls upon rancher Alton Hosfield, an embittered man at war with the federal government, environmentalists, area newcomers - with anyone, in fact, whom he perceives as a threat to his home, his family, his freedom, his isolation.

An incendiary institution is getting hotter by the minute, and the last thing Joanna wants is another "Ruby Ridge" in her jurisdiction. But bringing the cold-blooded killer to justice could take a terrible toll on her personal life...and unravel threads of family, love and personal responsibility that might never again be retied.

My comments: Being a fan of mystery novels (especially ones with female protagonists such as those of Laurie R. King , Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Martha C. Lawrence, Sparkle Hayter, Patricia Cornwell - I could go on and on and on), and not having read other Judith Jance novels I found it took a while to get use the pace of Rattlesnake Crossing and Jance's style - there are no wisecracking PIs or wacky happenings - but, Sheriff Joanna Brady is a realistic character who has to cope with the pressures of law enforcement and raising her daughter. By the end of the novel, I found I had quite enjoyed the story and some of the unexpected events in it. The plus side of the audiobook of course, is around five and a half hours of listening to YB's voice, accompanied at times by some nice lazy slide guitar. Can't seem to think of anything critical to say about YB's performance (biased? Moi?)...

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Outlaw Mountain

Author: J A Jance. Performed by Yancy Butler. 4 cassettes, abridged fiction. Approximate running time: 6 hours. Also available in unabridged format.

(from the blurb on the back)

From the award-winning mystery author J.A. Jance comes the seventh novel featuring Bisbee, Arizona's star sleauth - the courageous and capable Sheriff Joanna Brady. When a wealthy widow is mysteriously murdered, Joanna has more than enough suspects.

As she struggles to determine which one is capable of murder, Joanna uncovers a tangled web of graft and corruption that goes straight to the heart of the local government.

Caught between her own friends and foes, and juggling single motherhood with a demanding career, Joanna turns to her network of friends and makes her way through a minefield of conflicting loyalties to solve one of the most difficult - and dangerous - cases she's ever faced.

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If you're looking for copies of these, trying or they sometimes pop up on auction sites like Yahoo!, eBay or the auction section of

All of these titles are also available for download at for considerably less than the price of purchasing the audiobooks. I haven't used so I'm not sure about the quality of the sound files, but if you're interested in getting these titles it might be a worthwhile site to check out.

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