What am I into ???

Now what web page would be complete without some links to other web pages?
Here you will find some of the usual cool links to other sites. I've broken them up into categories so you can pick and choose what kind of links you want to see vs. going through a screen of clutter to find a certian music singers, rodeo or bar site. On the page that contains the actual links I've tried to describe it with a little next to each picturelink I've set up. All of the sights really means something to me. If your smart you'll understand that what my interests are gives you a little insight in to the man that is CowboyRam.

Music is a big part of my life. Ever since I was a little kid, there has always been music in my life. Saturday evening my parents would watch Lawrence Welk at 7pm like clockwork. Of course, being a younin', I thought Welk was kind of dorky, but did really like the stylings of the incredibly hillarious Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters Show, along with Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gale, Dolly Parton, and others.
Here you'll find some of my favorites of a more modern standpoint.


Another love of mine is reading. I especially like history and biographies. I think that in order to know where we are going, we need to know where we have come from. And being part Cherokee, Part Mescalaro Apache, I feel that it is really important not to loose the history of our culture. Both the good and the bad. Here you will find books with more of a slant to the sexuality side.


Now what would a cowboy website be without links to some watering holes in the area. Here you will find some of the different places that you are likely to find CowboyRam.


And, of course, this site would be incomplete if I did not tell ya about a few of the cowboying associations that I am a member of or have competed with. All of these associations have a special place in my heart which is why I return to them time and time again.

Size Me Up!
The 5 w's
Bi American
Climbing into The General Lee, and out of the closet
Slide and Ride
In the flesh, or at least a glossy simulation
Cowboy Poetry
Blood, Sweat and Steers
Love, Lust and Cowboy desire

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