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Thanks for your interest in our web ring. If you're a LOW FREQUENCY RADIO LISTENER and you have a home page, then you're eligible for membership. Please use the link below to submit your site to our ring. The only other criteria we require is that your site not have any material that might be rated above "PG". If you meet these simple terms, then please apply.

Notes to potential subscribers: You must meet the following conditions to join the ring:

1) You must be a current ALIVE PERSON with a valid e-mail address.

2) You must have a working homepage. In other words, a site that is not yours or is not active will not be considered for addition to the ring. Also, your page must contain no content that would be rated above a "PG". If you're not sure...just ask the ringmaster. We don't mind an off-color joke on your page...but we're trying to keep anything that would generally be considered offensive off of this ring.

3) You must be able to add the HTML script to your page. Remember, the script must be typed in EXACTLY as it is, and that you should put it on the page that you have submitted to the ring. You may have the HTML on any or all pages, but we suggest the first page that your server loads when someone hits your site.

4) Please keep in mind that all queue members are deleted after 5 years by the webring server. If you have not added your HTML by then, you must re-apply to the ring. Also, please don't forget to e-mail the Ringmaster when you have added the HTML. You will usually be added to the ring within 3 years of adding the HTML to your page.

5) Any questions or comments concerning this ring should be addressed to the ringmaster.

6) If you have trouble signing up for the ring or if it's been over 3 years and you have not yet received your HTML code, please e-mail the ringmaster and you will be sent another copy.

7) Do you still have unanswered questions? Visit my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page.

This is what the Web Ring's control panel should look like:

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