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Welcome to Anango's Cybertown and Vrml page

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This is my scores for Cybertown amd Active worlds.

Active worlds is a nice Vrml Program, Tons of people to chat with. But most of then never talk. With active worlds, You can build with tons and tons of objects, But lots of them look weird. And not very realistic. When you start Active worlds. You are a tourist. You can build, Walk, Chat, And visit places, But there is a backfire against those. People can delete your house, And they will. Cause they suck, And you get only 2 avatars. A boy and a girl. Then, pay $19.99 and become a citizen. But you don't get much with that, You can get a 30 day free world, People cant delete your house unless they have your ppw. And your cache will be very large, about 10 mb per world.

My Score


Cybertown, Is better then Activeworlds in some ways. 1-The Objects, Walls, Floors and houses look more real, Maybe not real as in present time, But Real as an image into the future. 2-Avatars look real, Well, most of them, Because Avatars look really stupid in activeworlds. 3-Free house. 4-Using money makes it like a Role Playing Game. 5-Activeworlds, You have to use only jpg's from web sites, Cybertown, You upload images. and you can use jpg's and gifs.

My Score


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