Building in AW



This is for AW...

To move objects in little steps, Hold shift and then push left and right, Turn num lock off and you can make it go up and down.

To make teleport, You have to put (activate teleport) or (Bump Warp,
NOTE-Dont use Bump Teleport, It wont do anything, You have to make it go up like (+0 +0 +1) and down (+0 +0 -1).

Most of Cyber town is simple, so heres what I can give you.

Best way to get stuff is at Flea Market, Its hard to talk there but you can get stuff cheaper there.

To get more money-Trick people out of small stuff. A portal is 200cc, Thats a good price to sell, Sell stuff to new people, A jukebox is 1cc, Make it 120cc and sell it to some clueless guy.

If you buy a upgraded 200cc house at the homebuilder. Here is some good textures you can use.

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