Jaakko Thomasson (Jakob) SKINNAR THOMPSON

From Finland to Ironwood, Michigan

Children of Tuomas & Sanna Liisa:
#2 Jaakko Thomasson (Jakob) THOMPSON

................ 2 Jaakko Thomasson (Jakob) THOMPSON 
b: October 18, 1866 in Keskikyla, Laihia Parish
(VA SSS#1 Syntyneet 1821 has Jaakko b. 2 July 1867  Baptism date??)

In a letter dated 1905, from Mullan, Idaho, Jaakob writes to his brother John KIVI.
Interesting to find out more information on Jaakob as he mentions the names:

Einar, Hilda and "old" Mikko

not sure who they are at this time.  
Jaakob sends greetings to Emilia & family, their mother and Matt.  
Unlike other family members, Jaakob took the surname THOMPSON.

(See complete letter in Finnish with the English translation on the following pages.) ---COMING SOON

(Original letter from Jaakob in possession of Colin Kivi.
 The only other records we have for Jaakob are from the church.)

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